TV shows! [Polls]

It is terrible. There is an improvement towards the end but it is really not good as a season - Leslie has none of the warmth that makes her mostly lovable in later seasons, just all the annoying traits.

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I watched a lot of them just for time to not use my brain but Lesley is so irritating (and contrary to what pervy says I think she gets even worse)

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have either seen life on mars or ashes to ashes but i can’t remember which one is which and don’t plan to find out

Would love to discover some fellow One Tree Hill fans. Think I’m due a rewatch tbh.
It’s wonderful how ridiculous it gets when it jumps the shark.

Go Ravens!

(I’m not actually a fan)

Wow there’s a lot of tv that I’ve never watched and have no plans to

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GOT: was worth it for the first 4 seasons, then it changed to being worth it to get the fucking shite out of the way

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Ya-Oh :upside_down_face::sob:

With TV, I actually like bad stuff because there’s no pressure to keep up with it or pay much attention so invariably I watch a load of shit right to the end but never seem to complete anything I really love. Sometimes that’s also a conscious decision to save it or suspend it in time somehow, where if I dont finish it then it’s not really over (never seen the last few episodes of Borgen as it’s my favourite show, but now a new series is being made next year I can finally watch s3)

Some series that I’ve watched that weren’t very good I’m still marking as ‘worth it’ in that it served a purpose when I needed it, to tune out, to have a familiar voice in the background etc, and I don’t think TV has to be fantastic to be worthwhile if that makes sense.


Can’t help but sing along joyously with this every time :blush:

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I mean I liked it at the time

Remember when her character randomly adopted a baby whilst being single, 20, and running a full time fashion business?

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So much tv is such utter, utter garbage huh

Oops spoiler alert. Only watch the first 30 seconds if you’ve not seen it all.

I don’t think people are worried about spoilers for this show after 20 years

(Or at least they shouldn’t be)

No, cos that didn’t happen. She fostered a 15 year old which was even more ludicrous.
Absolutely fantastic television.

She did though! Maybe she just fostered it but she definitely has a random baby at one point.

Seemingly the viewpoint of the writers too

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Best TV chef

  • Gordon Ramsey
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Nigella Lawson
  • Hairy Bikers
  • Hugh FW
  • Nadiya Hussain
  • James Martin
  • Tom Kerridge
  • Delia Smith
  • Nigel Slater
  • Michel Roux Jr
  • Paul Hollywood
  • John Torrode
  • Gino D’acampo
  • Ainsley Harriot
  • Heston Blumenthal
  • Lorraine Pascale
  • Guy Fieri
  • The Pioneer Woman
  • One of the other ones on the Food Network

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wait, yeah, I think you’re right. Obviously I really am due a rewatch

Obviously I really am due a rewatch. Excited, @avery?