TV shows which changed direction


No but which TV shows took a sudden turn to become very different from what they were when they started?

This is inspired by the execrable Disney cartoon my daughter watches called Sofia the First, which is all about a girl who becomes a princess and has to adapt to royal life. Then a few series in they obviously get bored of stories about her life in a royal school and shit, so they just say fuck it and invent a magical library so she can go on madcap adventures each week. I’ve seen so much of it and I hate it.


Eastenders was originally called Westenders, but they decided on the change of direction prior to the first episode being broadcast.

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Arrested Development decided to change from being a good show to a very bad show


Masterchef was a wonderful Lloyd Grossman vehicle showing cooking excellence from the finest dinner party cooks. Now it’s lumpen pleb entertainment hosted by a couple of mouth filling animals.


Due South

oh for ffs

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Oh yeah this is a good one.

I thought Due South changed from being a show about a Mountie in Chicago to being a regional news show called Look North.

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chucklevision used to reinvent itself quite regularly.


League of Gentlemen started as a weird interlinked sketch show with 90’s catchphrase comedy and a laugh track.

By series 3 it was properly bleak dark comedy. Very different in tone to what it started out as.


In 1985, the brothers launched a pre-school programme on the BBC entitled Chuckle Hounds , in which they performed routines with no dialogue, while dressed up in giant dog costumes.


Top Gear went from consumer show to vehicle for Jeremy Clarkson’s ego to whatever it is now.


not a huge change but series 4 of The Thick of It kinda takes on the format of serialised drama (except it’s comedy) which felt like a bit of a shift. i guess the specials and the last few episodes of series 3 dabbled in the same thing but when you compare it to the slow pace of the early episodes it feels quite different


8 out of 10 Cats turned into late night Countdown.


its horrible watching old 8 out of 10 cats now, the format is so shit compared to watching comedians play countdown


South Park going for fully serialised story arcs around … series 18? I hadn’t watched it before but seemed like a big change for long-term fans

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yeah it was always one of the flimsier panel show formats and it’s even more evident now in comparison to the Countdown version. feels instantly dated.

i think they still make the original show but have bumped it off to More4 and both team captains have left and been replaced. think Carr is still host. haven’t really seen it.

Parks and Recreation season 1 had Leslie Knope as a rather incompetent character with shades of David Brent and lots of Office-style cringe humour, they ditched that and had her as super capable going forward.


watching the original format gives me stomach ache

It wasn’t a total change but Community slowly morphed into being almost entirely movie parodies.

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Also Saved by the Bell started off as this

Then became the high school version, then became a college drama, and now there’s that weird af new series.

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