TV wants to go to little venice, used to go there a lot with the last TV,

cant tell the current TV that would be weird and might ruin her time there right?
Ever taken a TV to a place you discovered with a past TV - restaurant, park ect?

Who goes to Venice often?


It’s not weird, it’s just a place.
Seems to be more about you than your TV, this.

My first date with Mrs HYG was pretty much a re-run of a previously successful OKCupid date. Why mess with a winning formula?


You’ve missed a key word here.

Go to Birmingham instead, has more canals than Venice


Which one?

I had to go down Warwick Avenue to get to my brother’s place even after Duffy ruined it, but you don’t see me throwing rocks at ducks

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A small one.

Agreed, but does Mrs HYG know this?

I’m sure it’s come up at some point in the past six years. Maybe not though.

Probably best not to mention it now.

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In away I don’t want to mix up the memories. But also if the shoe was on the other foot and I knew she was taking me to place that she had really enjoyed with her previous TV I would find it a bit strange

tell her it’s only ranked #205 out of 1,595 things to do in London, behind Westfield Stratford City (#164) and the Household Cavalry Museum (#197).


WARNING: she may well dump you at this point

Still, problem solved eh.

Is the Household Cavalry Museum any good?

I’m only familiar with outdoor cavalry and I’m not sure I’d enjoy it

there’s only one way to find out!

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Now #196

Little Venice = that bit around Warwick Avenue in London.

I never considered it a particularly significant part of London to be honest. Massive let down compared to the name. Just suck it up, go there, and bank on her being “Oh. A bit dull, okay” I reckon

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Is it worth going to Little Venice?