'Twas the friday night before xmas

Hi fridayers. How’s your eve looking? Any nice food on the go? Boozing? In or out? Pizza?

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Hello eric good evening to you. Still working but will be drinking all the beer when i get home in a couple of hours.


Calm before the storm tonight. Kids coming tomorrow for time-shifted Christmas (-2 days) so having our Christmas Day on the 23rd


Just ate a steak & salad and drank a whiskey & coke

I intend to drink more whiskey & cokes after I have put the 6yo to bed and read to her the final chapter of the final book of the Chronicles of Narnia

…that’s if I can shift this one from 6yo’s bed


So you can cuddle her, ammirite? :thinking::heart_eyes:

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Evening all!

Ate a sprout stir fry at about 6.00 that was too much food for just one portion.

The splashes of soy sauce are what earn me my Michelin star.

Probably drinking some beers and Metal Gearing some Solid once The Child goes to sleep but she’s been at a nursery party all afternoon and the sugar excitement hasn’t fully worn off yet.


Had to go to an ikea in a big retail park (batley, specifically, for my leeds crew). Left at the same time as every 9-5 employee and took 30 mins to travel the first 300 metres of my journey home. Now putting the baby to bed. She’s started shrieking with happiness when I get in from work :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then pizza and a cheeky G&T


Hi Eric not your real name V

Hosting a friends Christmas tomorrow so should get an early night.
Getting drunk early this evening was the only sensible thing to do.

I’m drunk.


I would love to smash about 400,000 pints after the day I’ve had but that is not possible I think. Having takeaway and going to watch something terrible now.

Evening all, hope you’re all well

On a train back home, there until the 29th :heart_eyes: will go and see the mighty Corby Town FC tomorrow, very excited.


Hey @ericVI and team

Quiet night in this evening - it’s pissing it down outside. Making River Café sausages and mash (half a bottle of red wine, cloves, a little chilli, etc etc)… am feeling a bit impatient for it to be ready but you can’t rush these things.

Feeling a bit better this evening compared with last night x


Beer options for this evening. Along with the standard coors light refreshment.

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'Lo! Hope you’re all are doing well?

Finished work at 6.45 and got my staff do at 7.30. Fairly new to this job so didn’t entirely want to go but forcing myself into it. Even just to make an appearance. So currently just nursing a :beer: in a nearby spoons

Hoping to get out of there by at the latest 9pm so I can catch a pals set in town.

If the mighty Corby Town take a while to play the ball out of defence, do you think you’ll shout


I finished my job today. I now have no work booked in until April. Gonna really enjoy the freedom that brings over xmas before i start freaking out in early january.

If they were striving hard for an equaliser with a lot of the ball in the opposition’s half, might you say that Corby were


Can’t believe I got through the last two weeks intact. Did double gym class and now heading to Tezzas to buy my holibobs toiletries. Been told there was ‘very good feedback’ from my interview but no job offer as yet. Don’t know what to get for dinner tonight?

Local indian.

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Am knackered. Am in a foul mood because I’m tired. My wife has pissed me off because, instead of spending this afternoon as a family (not going to see either of them after today until Xmas Eve), she invited a mate of hers over for a chat and then went for a nap after.

Cooking a risotto in a sulk, will have a shower and go to bed afterwards. Fuck Christmas


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