Twas the night before Friday [aka Thursday evening thread obvs]

Hey dudes.

It’s time for the evening thread, at least in my timezone so stfu.

I just woke up from a pretty solid nap after all that babysitting I’ve been doing. Have generally slept pretty poorly lately as well, so it was much needed. I :heart: napping

How’s everyone’s evening looking? Anything particularly dreadful or joyous happening tonight or tomorrow before the weekend is finally upon us?

Got a cold, which invariably causes my IBS to flare up badly. Yay…

Evening is mainly hoping the TV’s first driving lesson in a year since some abortive ones with an awful instructor goes well. She’s one of those London types who had no need to learn, but it is going to be pretty useful when we move oop north in May.

Other than that, bit of work, bit of cooking, bit of looking for estate agents to line up viewings with in a week or so.

Making jambalaya.

Playing football again tonight but was hoping it’d snow so I didn’t have to play.

Hope it goes well with the driving lesson! Being 30 and having lived in a city all my life as well I’ve never driven a car ever. My mum got hers a few years ago, past 50. Was pretty awful going for her.

What do you reckon you’ll be cooking later on?

Alright wr? Got the flat to myself tonight. There’s a pizza in the oven and I think I’m going to listen to Burial and play some Catherine :pizza::dvd::joystick:

Edit: I have a lemon curd Whitby bun for pud :lemon:

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Hiya WhiteRussian!! Evenin’ all,

On a train headed straight for Glasgow at the mo. Just devoured a BLT for dinner. The state of me trying to eat it, I never learn. I can’t bite into sandwiches properly at the moment so I either end up breaking them up in my hands which is a mess, especially with fatty streaky bacon thrown in the mix or do attempt to bite it only to end up stuffing the whole thing in my mouth in a panicked oner. Its a beautiful sight to behold! :blush:

Think I’m going to go for a pint before the gig and read my book.


off to the pub to remember my best friend tonight. I think it might be painful I’m trying not to think about it.


Ta. Her dad learned at 58, so the family has previous…

Cooking a hairy bikers paprika chicken dish. You can’t go wrong with paprika.

That’s tough, bam. Thinking of you.


You obviously need to list your toppings.

In honour of National Margarita Day yesterday (yes this is a thing) I’m having a margarita (with pepperoni).


Sorry to hear that Bam :slight_frown: take care of yourself xx


Always forget you’re supposed to sell your labour in job interviews, had one today where I just fell immediately into the just two human beings in a room mindset, and ended up chatting about nothing for about half an hour. Think the bloke might’ve enjoyed it but don’t remember showing the slightest regard about the job itself, probably fucked it. Oh well, one with another company tomorrow morning!

Dinner, not sure. Maybe.


Unless you accidentally use smoked paprika instead of regular

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Just back from band practice so I’m pretty tired. Have to review the new Lupe Fiasco album. Blaaaaaaagh. Might just get cans and write a drunken screed about it.

Good luck on your date wr!

There is a funny story about this involving me and my mother-in-law. It’s the kind of thing which is hilarious to 5 people and rubbish to tell, so I’ll leave it at that!

That’s rough, Bammers. Try to take it easy, yeah. We’re all thinking of you xx


Just had pizza (couple cheeses, olives and sweet green chillies from franco manca). Got literally nothing else to do tonight. Gonna probably watch youtube videos of people playing games that i cant be arsed to play myself.

ah you’re all great people! see you soon x

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Hey ho. Off to the BFI to see Moonlight. Dinner will be something enclosed in a bread based product. My employer received a 22 page complaint about my conduct today. That’s a lot of pages. I wouldn’t necessarily have had the energy for something like that. Can’t decide whether I want to know what’s in it or not, but guess I’ll find out about at least some of it at some point.