Twas the Saturday before Christmas thread

Or at least I think it’s Saturday. No bloody idea right now. 2 days to go. I’m so, so tired.

What you up to today? I’m about to start work. Busiest day of the year. I am not ready for this.

Have fun guys

Just finished work and walking home.


Was going to walk over the South downs from Brighton to Lewes and do a bit of a mini pub crawl but the weather is looking shite so in all likelihood will probably skip straight to the pub crawl.

My family have introduced a secret santa system this year so I only had to buy one present. This is the first Christmas I can remember where haven’t I haven’t had to spend the run up to Christmas charging around the town centre in a state of blind panic.


Day two at the in-laws’. There are so many Christmas-themed items in their house! This morning’s Christmas Item: Christmas tree soap.


That has the potential to look like something else entirely after a couple of uses. Something not very Christmassy at all.


I’ll post a follow up on Boxing Day :joy:


Good luck to @rich-t and anyone else working in retail or an otherwise crazily busy place today, I hope you make it through.

Sick and energy less here, while R is sick and somehow full of energy. Not a good combination for me.

Good morning and good luck rich!

Today: packing bags, doing some exercise, then driving from north London to Guildford to pick up my sister and then on to South Wales.

Gonna be shite.

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Probably sounds worse than my day tbh.


Ate a fuckton of pizza last night and then our mate turned up and brought us a box of Celebrations. All we had in the fridge was four different kinds of sparkling wine and no one could be arsed to go to the shop so we just drank it while sat around listening to the Cribs.

Today we are picking up a rental car and heading to Nottingham for leg 1 of 4 of Christmas travel so ffs please no one fuck up on the M1. Some family are coming round tonight and we’re having a raclette.

Godspeed rich-t!


Ooft. GL, McG

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Dear Father DiSmas

I hope you are well and that you and your elves and reindeer are ready for your busy night tomorrow.

I have been a (mostly) good boy this year - apart from that time I upset Theo - so I would like it if you could bring me a new tagline for my user name, something more befitting as the old man of the Social Board. The one I’ve got is shit.





In Scotland and it’s still pretty dark out there. It appears that I might be introduced to my mum’s octogenarian boyfriend this morning. The idea feels a bit strange after so many years in which his existence has only been hinted at by the oblique conversations I’ve had with her where his name’s been mentioned. Wonder if she’s mentioned it in the hope I’ll get dressed before he gets here? Poor mum.

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Morning all!

I’m not ridiculously hungover but I think that might be a result of the Irn Bru Xtra I drank at 7.30.

Driving to Edinburgh for the day to see the In Laws.

The Old Man of Moth Country?

‘Moth Country’

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I don’t even understand why the joke is there.


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Morning all. I’m in bed at my parents house

Heading home after lunch which I’m glad about as my patience for relative visiting is low