Twas the Saturday before Christmas thread

Morning! :wave:

Busy day today, got to do the food shop which involves going to Aldi, Tesco and M&S. Also need to go to Primark and the butchers and then slow cook tomorrow’s stew. I picked up my new car yesterday though so I don’t really mind having to do loads of running around!

I hope that for those of you that have to work that it isn’t too awful and it’s over quickly!

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It was ok, I think I did Tesco early enough to avoid the mayhem. Now onto the shops - what on earth do you buy a 75 year old man you don’t really know who’s just had a heart attack (so no booze/chocolates)?!

Mushroom log?


It’s the shop he goes to all the time, he’s been mates with the manager for about 15 years now so he keeps a wish list behind the counter of all the panzers he’s after :grinning: I’d come and pick you up but we’re going there on the way to picking up mum in swinton

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Up and making an omelette, cheese.

Feeling the effects of drinking for last three nights tbh. Bleurgh…

Got to make mushroom pate and wrap wrap wrap today.

just gonna spam this here before I log off and go spend Christmas in the real world (mostly)



I feel like :skull_and_crossbones: cold + booze is not a good idea. didn’t think it was a proper cold as I’d just got over one a week ago so wtf. not cool.

works christmas dinner in a couple of hours. might have to sack it :sob:

Rick Stein’s on the BBC Kitchen

He’s just mentioned how he went to Mexico in 1968


Strong festive jumper.

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Slept so well!! its so quiet and there are no street lights so it was pitch black. Also tea, my mum brings me so much tea. I don’t even ask for it it just appears, even if I haven’t finished the last one.


Fuck this


I’m on a train and it smells bad and these antibiotics I’m on make my mouth taste of old urine.


I feel unimaginably terrible :see_no_evil: Will try to numb myself with Lemsip max, and maybe have a nap before I go to the football. V probably won’t be at friend’s Christmas party this evening for more than like half an hour.

I can’t complain


I was getting a cold last Friday but ended up going to my work Christmas party anyway and getting on it til about 9am the next day. When I finally woke up my cold had gone completely. I mean, I felt absolutely terrible obviously but the cold had gone. My theory is that I destroyed the virus with booze in much the same way that chemotherapy sort of poisons the body in order to kill all the bad stuff. Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.

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That’s alright, we’re busy anyway but have fun!

We do this now too. It’s excellent.

On my way back to parents’ for xmas. Brought loads of clothes but only my heavy duffel coat and it’s 11 degrees. Fuck sake, gonna be roastin tonight

What did you go for in the end?

Edit. Just saw the other thread