Hello folks.

Did some work, went out on a 20 miler bike ride and got a call confirming my next MRI scan so what fun and games. I’ve also had about six decaf coffees, a waffle with salted caramel sauce, some cheese and biscuits with branston and shortly am having prawn cocktail like it’s Abigail’s Party.

HBU? What youbeen eatin and doin?



Can’t believe I STILL have a cold. Or sinusitis. Same difference anyway. Just been out to pick up food. Micro curry, pakora, big bag of posh crisps and some Galaxy cookies.

Need something to watch. No idea what though.


Out of office OAN


Barely managed to stumbled through my work, probably have to do more tomorrow. Just haven’t been able to focus at all for weeks now lol

Anyway, bath and curry and beer and Gremlins 2 ahead


I don’t… get it? Is this one for the heavy handed satire thread?

Was stood staring at it for ages, baffled


Didn’t really have any plans today so just went to see Home Alone at the cinema. What a joy of a film. That scene in the van with John Candy improvising a tale about leaving his kid at a funeral home all day is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, a million points to Catherine O’Hara for not breaking tbh.

Gonna try and record a new mixtape for Dissonance tonight and then watch a comedy stream later.


Good ebening

Tight chest/chesty cough seems to be coming back again. Been fine all day, seems to come on in the evening.

Just gonna have a pitta for tea. Maybe do it as a pitta pizza because why not.

Will be having a (proper) hot chocolate later cos we seem to be stockpiling milk.

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In the fancy house

Have been holding Maggie like a baby rather than talk to strangers


:tada::tada: I have submitted my final apprenticeship project :tada::tada:

Got 2 more assessments left (a presentation and interview type thing) but I probably don’t need to think about it until after Christmas.


I don’t know how up to date you are with your big cultural references that act as a touchpoint for a whole generation, but that’s the Queen


Still on my way home from Stoke. Already had one train cancelled and this is my last train

Might sit in the waiting room at Ely train station and have big, frustrated, angry cry.

Think my terrible work efforts mean I can’t do a midday Home Alone tomorrow! Wah

Started night 3/6. Big visit tomorrow morning. So have to deliver a banging fill tonight

did you at least get to sample the fine wares of stoke?

I didn’t :sob: my meeting overran so I didn’t have time.

In better news though, my train is less delayed than initially feared. Just leaving the city of Ely now.


one day :pray:

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Really made myself laugh earlier btw my loves.

So obviously this time of year is really tricky for lots of people, myself very much included. Went into lidl earlier and saw an older woman who had the same haircut and very similar facial features to my late mum and I smiled at her and wistfully thought to myself “huh, weird, I’ll never get to see what my parents would’ve looked like when they got older.” But that was very much it, a passing thought. Was walking down an isle a few minutes later and saw a box of kitten wet food and cause my cat is a rescue I thought how I’ll never know what she looked like as a kitten and that made my choke back tears.

I guess the takeaway from this is that I love my cat more than my parents and uhhh… yeah. I do.


Hey up

Had pasta pesto with olives for dinner was alright, had been to my mum’s for cake so wasn’t that hungry.

@tilty went to Iceland and got some of those profiteroles today, might save them for tomorrow :star_struck:

Watching r play red dead and wondering what to watch tonight. Home Alone seems popular…might suggest it.


So good to have you back kerms xxxx


Good to be back! Missed you all xxxx