Twelve Pubs of Christmas thread



Do you know what the twelve pubs of Christmas is? Have you ever partaken in such an activity? Would you?

All spurred on by the following Guardian article.




Never heard of it, sounds horrendous.


The opposite of a humdinger.


I see.




Is that Neil Morrissey with one of the Appleton sisters?


sorry, this was way too DiS 2007-08 meta.


Sorry, comes from the football threads,


It would be like having Access to Globalsec in your deck


I’m worried you might have fallen down a bit of a Rabbit Hole here.

If you get that joke I’m really worried about you.


I googled ‘bad netrunner cards’ and selected the one in the middle of this guy’s list.


Could have been any of these:

Wyrm: With Parasite, Datasucker, Ice Carver, and The Personal Touch, there are too many cards that do the important part of Wyrm better. I’d rather use the MU for viruses.
Yog.0: For its price, this icebreaker amazes me in that it can’t break half of the Code Gates out there by itself. It’s really not awful, though. I can definitely see it being more valuable when we have more code gates available, though.

Aurora: If I’m Criminal, I’m taking in a Corroder pretty much without question. The +3 strength is rarely a cost effective interval at all.
Femme Fatale: So, so expensive. And not great as a normal Killer, either. Sometimes it’s the best option, but 9 credits is a painful cost indeed.
Data Dealer: The only viable way for the runner to win is agendas. Making this take a click adds insult to injury. I’d rather take Stimhack’s brain damage any day.

The Toolbox: Did I mention 9 credits is super expensive? I think I did. In my Shaper decks, I swap this out for Desperado - much more likely to pay for itself. Maybe The Toolbox will be better when Genesis brings us more traces.
Net Shield: The final nail on its coffin for me was the news that it only prevents the first point of net damage. It can on occasion save your life, but it seems that the credits and MU would be better spent avoiding the damage in other ways, or just having the cards in your hand to soak it up.
Pipeline: Oh, it’s not the worst thing in the world by a long shot. But right now, Mimic hits most of the sentries you have to worry about, especially if you tack on The Personal Touch, and Ninja’s usually much more efficient, too.

Neutral Runner:
Access to Globalsec: in this pre-Genesis world? Traces just aren’t that scary usually. Certainly not worth clogging up your deck, at least.

Biotic Labor: Some day soon this one will be awesome, and even now it enables one-turn scoring, which rocks. But it’s very expensive in both credits and influence and its usage is quite inflexible for now. I can’t see much reason to have three in a deck, which is what the core comes with.
Rototurret: Way, way too easily broken, no matter how much Experiential Data you pile on. Even though the subroutines rock, it will only fool the runner once, if at all. For four credits, I’d expect better.

Cell Portal: Another card that has great potential. Even now it’s awesome when you draw your cards just right. But without a way to move around ICE, you can easily find yourself without a good place to put cell portal once you get it, or without good ICE to put outside it once it’s there, or without the cash to rez it once you’ve laid your trap.
Data Mine: A good Runner never runs without any cards at all, especially against Jinteki. Out of faction this might once in a blue moon flatline him, but I’d rather put out something like an Ice Wall. It’s hard to imagine this one getting redeemed.

Anonymous Tip: I’ve argued against this card in other threads. Card draw just isn’t as important for the Corp as the Runner. If anything, you hasten your unlikely demise-by-decking-out with it. Once you realize that without this card you’d have drawn something else, you see that it’s only drawing you an effective two cards for an action. Fast card draw is good for the Runner, a resounding meh for the Corp.

Hostile Takeover: OK, 7 credits and a low advancement cost could be far, far worse (see below), but bad publicity will hurt you for the rest of the game. Score it late, I guess? I’m actually warming up to this card - but only a little.
Posted Bounty: So, this card says that Core Set Weyland basically doesn’t want to win by scoring. Three advancements for one point is an awful ratio, and three advancements for a tag and a bad publicity would make NBN piss itself laughing. Breaking News would basically be what Weyland wants here, but oh wait you can’t take out of faction agendas. Grr.
Shadow: Fits the tab-n-bag strategy and nothing else. Ice that doesn’t even deter runners is hardly worthwhile. And why would I want to advance this?
Research Station: I’ve rarely seen the Corp have to discard from too big of a hand at all. Why would Weyland in particular care? And why are there two of these, for goodness sake? I guess they stack. This also makes runs on HQ potentially slightly less likely to strike gold, but HQ’s already a crapshoot that a Corp with a poker face can easily discourage.

Neutral Corp:
Melange Mining Corp: If it were free or had a higher trash cost, I’d include more. Sometimes this can really save your butt, but it’s hardly worth defending, and if you don’t defend it, the Runner will take it out when you’re getting poor. Still, no hatred from me here.
Hunter: There’s just better ways to defend servers and better ways to trace. Unless I really want to tag you in my deck, Hunter is the first card out.


12 pubs of Crawley?. Christ that would be especially shit.


Yog.0 is so good it’s been put on a restricted list. Biotic Labor is still one of the best cards in the game.

You got lucky. Guy’s an idiot.


I did! I first went with Yog.0 before a change of heart. Phew!


Boy would there have been egg on your face!


I think it’s just a terrible idea over all. I’ve worked in a few pubs that have hosted them and once even played a gig at the final pub on a crawl. Every single time was fucking awful.


I’m not denying that, it’s terrible all round. It’s just even more terrible in Crawley, I can’t actually think of that many pubs to be honest.