is anyone going to mark frost’s book tour? just seen it advertised as £20 for a talk, q&a and hardback copy of the book.

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New DiS is nearly one!

Going to the forbidden planet signing next month, is there something better he is doing?


Think he’s in Glasgow in November, would be interested in going. Has the book been getting good reviews?


nah probably not. will probably get 7 copies of the book for christmas tbh.




Anyone with Sky Atlantic looking for a lodger


internet, m8


I’m really excited but also expecting to be massively let down. To be honest I’m glad Lynch is still making something, considering Inland Empire was the last fully fledged thing he did and that was over a decade ago.


Omg fwwm vinyl reissue


:heart_eyes: Even nicer packaging than the series reissue!



that was a well acted 3 seconds, well done agent cooper



Where did he leave his coffee?


RIP Miguel Ferrer


aw man. RIP big guy.



well that didn’t work but it was the strange path of Albert Rosenfield scene


Aw, sad news. RIP.