Partway through rewatching season 1, I’m finding it pretty interesting to relate Sarah Palmer to what is revealed / suggested by The Return


anyone going to the twin peaks festival, its expensive but I’m tempted


More season 1 rewatch thoughts:

For all that Cooper is represented as a paragon of virtue by some, I genuinely think there is a prominent Mr. C-ness to the way he acts. It’s tempered by the curiosity and wonder, but there’s clearly a darker side.

The teenage detective stuff is the best


interesting. Any examples?


I’d love to, apparently it’s amazing. My friends’ band Aloha Dead are playing it this year.


From what i can recall off the top of me head, I thought the moments when be asserts his authority or when he’d be quite manipulative during interrogations had little echoes of that edge



Get yourself trapped in the virtual red room for 25 years



Anybody else been noticing this McDonald’s advert at bus stops?

Something something something McDoppelgangers (that’s the best I put I can come up with)


That chevron pattern has become really popular in recent years. It’s a weird one because I’m almost 100% certain that Twin Peaks is part of the reason for it, but that it’s not a mega explicit connection like, say, Stranger Things and synthwave music or whatever


Not just the pattern tho, it’s also got the owl symbol, coffee, and maybe that wood is Douglas Fir!

But ye there’s a lot of that pattern about, I’ve learned the hard way that it’s not a marker of a TP fan you can strike up conversation with.


oooohh yeah

hadn’t spotted the other stuff


the chicken mcnuggets are not what they seem

seriously the batch is fucked up, there’s a goddamn hoof in there



oh that’s good


dougie would never drink a flat white


Weird how clearly you can see Mr. C just in Cooper’s walk to the bathroom in the season 2 finale


Rewatched FWWM. It’s pretty smart that, given lodge time and all that, that film kind of works as a sufficiently closed ending to the whole thing, no matter what else is explored in season 3 or any possible future stuff


I’ve only seen FWWM once (I think my reaction is somewhere else in this thread, watched it shortly before season 3). I haven’t watched the missing pieces yet. Might do a full rewatch over Christmas.

FWWM is a sensory attack though at times, stuff like the traffic scene with Leland, Laura and Mike is so aggressive. Can’t think of much else in film that’s really like that in the same way.