Christ, yeah. Lynch does tense better than anyone.


Like the bit in S3 when Bobby is outside the diner after the gunfire and the woman is beeping her horn incessantly while he tries to deal with it. Nothing is really happening, but it’s almost unbearable.


For a complete rewatch of everything is there a better order than the date of release…?
or would it be better to watch S3…(only seen once) then rewatch the older stuff (watched many times) :thinking:


Can we all agree that S3 is a work of genius yet?


oh for sure. need to rewatch it as I thought some of it was bogged down by plot lines I didn’t get/want to see…

also think I need to watch it by myself at my own speed (3 or 4 episodes at a time rather than 1 a week)


Guys I ain’t seen FWWM ever :see_no_evil: I’m waiting for them to release the whole series on Blu-ray before watching that and season 3 again.


Only watched part 1 of the third season in my rewatch so far. Didn’t have the same thrill to it, but it was interesting how - watching it this time on the back of having rewatched everything - the Twin Peaks sections feel more like the original show than I remember them feeling first time round. Looking forward to everything picking up a bit more in the subsequent episodes.


They have haven’t they? Or do you mean all 3 in one box?


Yeah all 3 and the film together in a single box.i need to buy series 3 for a rewatch, I need to see the film, and I need to upgrade to Blu-ray on the first 2 seasons so I might as well do it in one go and sit down for a megawatch


Do you know if that is definitely happening, could be rights issues with different people owning different bits


The Missing Pieces box set (10-disc blu-ray of season 1, 2, FWWM and deleted scenes) is £15 on amazon, if that’s of any interest.


Finally started back on my rewatch. Episode 3 of season 3.

Goddamn this show was special




That Thought Gang album is good for feeling the atmosphere of Twin Peaks in its weirder moments I reckon

And a reminder of this which I posted way up there ^^^


The next episode in my rewatch is episode 8, which I’m excited about.

I’m really glad I watched this week-by-week as it went out first time instead of binging through it, but being able to watch this at my leisure is great (though I ain’t binge-watching cause fuck binge-watching tbh) – getting a clearer grasp on some of the smaller connections and all that.

Watching it as part of a huge Twin Peaks rewatch has been great, too. Those sections in Twin Peaks have so much more impact (and for me, a sense of continuity) this time round. Also, I still can’t believe there were people who thought the Dougie storyline was shit – it’s so fucking good


I started binge watching it but by ep 8 it started creeping into my dreams and really messed with me. I had to stop watching for a month to detox.

I think Lynch would be happy with that :smiley:


The Idle Thumbs rewatch podcast is a good accompaniment btw to a full on rewatch. Sometimes they miss over some obvious points that a nerd like me jumps on but it’s pretty solid


this is due a rewatch for me too but I need to ask a real rube question
I don’t have a dvd player - is the return on any streaming platforms?
only place I can find it atm is virgin media store which means £2.99 an episode which means fuck that.
mainly watched it on my laptop first time around which just did not do it justice at all.


You can buy it digitally through amazon for £30 in HD


I think it’ll still be on now tv