Twin Peaks (Rolling)


I have watched a fair chunk of it now, I don’t think it is trying to explain it at a linear plot level, I don’t think that is possible, but it is trying too establish the central ideas of the show and show how they are expressed in different ways throughout, which does connect disparate parts, and makes sense of things I thought were just random of weird for the sake of it. I’m surprised there are a few things I assumed were just quirky or abstract have a literal meaning that works in this interpretation electricity being one of them, and is evidences by how Lynch talks about it, he never wants to give away the meaning because that takes something away from the audience but he never goes along with the idea that there isn’t a concrete meaning behind it.

i’m a believer

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watched some more, think the guy is right about some central things, but is reaching a bit with some of the examples, should have made a shorter video

iirc he used to do Silent Hill vids and got really pissy at anyone with a different interpretation

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yeah he is a bit too confident, might watch his prometheus video

I think he has nailed something about the central meaning/purpose of the show, but sometimes he is then interpreting everything in light of that where he may be right or may not be in regards to specific scenes but seems like a stretch or over interpretation, the stuff I do find convincing are where it relates to little details that I hadn’t noticed repeating throughout the series relating it to something a character said that does fit into his theory, that is where it clicks. i’m quite suggestible though, have to read a debunking article after I read a conspiracy theory as my brain is always ‘seems legit’

just got to a bit where he totally lost me where he said the owls are based on their resemblance to transmission towers because they hold up electricity but then he made his case and won me round a few moments later

probably the most interesting thing about it is, i’ve alway wondered when Lynch says there is a set meaning then what is the point if Lynch is the only one who knows it, I get that the sense of mystery is part of the enjoyment but that could be achieved without a set meaning, but if this video is right then twin peaks has achieved its purpose and embodied that meaning even if people like me weren’t consciousness that’s what it was doing. guess the show could have done that without being about what the video says it is about so my original view of what is the point if Lynch is the only one who understands it stands, but still think it is pretty clever if true. sorry being a bit cryptic dont want to spoil it

approaching the end now, the guy has lost all earlier good will from me at this point

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“The dreamer is the smoking man from off of the x files”

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potential hot take: this idea that revealing the killer of laura palmer destroyed the mystery and killed the golden goose, not true is it?

while it would have been good if they had strung it out a bit longer, built further mysteries into it, would have been better than what we got, if they had strung it out indefinitely it would have become pretty tedious and ended up a lost style waste of time. what we actually got, two mini series worth of great followed by a mess and then a final return to form was probably for the best

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I think the series ultimately is better for it, and the decline is less down to the Laura Palmer mystery being solved and more down to the creative team replacing Frost and Lynch having VERY different sensibilities in many ways. Hard to say what would have happened if it had been strung on indefinitely though

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Agree on the whole, would have obviously been better if it had been planned though and hadn’t resulted in that 7/8 episode total nosedive in season two.


On the rewatch I didn’t hate S2 as much, there’s still a lot to enjoy with those characters and watching it with someone also helped because you could scream at the awful parts


Agree although I think it’s only about 3 truly bad episodes. There’s lots of good stuff in the others and there were episodes before and after that have some fat on when Lynch and Frost were involved.

In fact I was surprised on my rewatch how short the dip felt. Watching it weekly at the time with no idea it really did feel like 8 episodes of nothing at all.

Agree with @ttf then regarding the conclusion of the murder being better. Obviously in hindsight you’d have planned it so that the newer storylines gained prominence in advance of the reveal so that you had something to do. Instead I seem to recall we just have to sit there and wait for them to brew something. Wyndham Earl should have been something important earlier.

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