Twin Peaks (Rolling)

One of my favourite things about the original run was that it ended the way it did. With the return I was really worried that it’d either wrap everything up, or do another cliffhanger that felt contrived. Really really pleased with the way it turned out. And also, as much as I love the cruel and horrible ending for Big Ed and Norma in series 2, their happy ending in The Return justifies its existence alone.

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Got quite into the fact you can slow down YouTube videos to a quarter speed and they become sort of horrific. If you play Laura Palmer’s theme in the background it ends up quite Twin Peaks-like.

E.g. open this

then use the cog on the Golden Girls video to slow it to 0.25 playback speed


But basically I just run the Peaks music in one YouTube while I watch other clips really slow. @manches-brute because he might enjoy this sort of thing.


That was excellent and the ending is truly bone chilling.

(is bone chilling a phrase? nothing seems real anymore)


She’s talking about sex so it’s ironically extra apt!

Typical Blanche

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A friend once told me, something along the lines of “I dont know why YouTube has the speed option. You’re the only person I’ve met who uses and seems to really enjoy it”

The trick is to play a video at 2x speed and hit 0.25x speed at random words to add an abrupt sense of grave emphasis


one thing I like to do on youtube is play all these versions of song to the siren at the same time (this is twin peaks related as Lynch wanted the this mortal coil version for blue velvet)


I once crashed my laptop playing loads of those “(x sound) for 10 hours” videos at once. Just tab after tab until the laptop overheated

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I binge watched series 3 over the weekend and then had a nightmare about woodsmen on Sunday night


This is really fucked up and great.

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