Twin Room

We have an annual awards thing at work, staying overnight at a hotel. This year they want us to share a room with a colleague. I think I will drive home.

Have you ever twinned with a colleague. Do you see their genitals?

Does your colleague get the whole room to themselves now?

Double rooms were suggested in my lab days. I refused and everybody thought I was some kind of homophobe.

After that, the twin room seemed like a luxury.

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The coupling has yet to be decided. I imagine I would be a highly valued pick.

we once went on a big training conference thing and although we didn’t have to fully share rooms, they were set up so that you had one front door to then two separate rooms and a shared bathroom.

I went home before the end of day 1 for unrelated reasons.

I did not see my colleague’s genitals, but I do remember being surprised by his very colourful boxer briefs. He was Australian.

I have not done this and I would not want to.


No, I think I will drive home and eschew a drink.

Smart move


Poor old Roasty you will shun him one too many times eventually

He was equally outraged. My only issue is where am I going to get changed? In the shitters?

You have to stand back to back and get changed without turning around

I misread the last word there at first.

some modern companies do weekend long team building away and stuff like that don’t they?
really unpleasant

We recently had an overnight two-day team building event.

Clashed with EOTR so I couldn’t make it. Gutted, I was.

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What do you mean the perfect opportunity to get n some willy comparing, u know u love it

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We used to have an annual office holiday in my first job (it was my first job out of uni so I didn’t know what a ridiculous concept this was). Had to share with 2 other people I sort of knew, both of whose arses I saw.

not for me

have absolutely no shame in worming my way out of these. been in about 4 situations where my attendance was required, but made up some silly excuse each time ranging from last minute foot injuries to long standing migraine conditions that I can only control at home.