Twin Room

now I’m a bit older n wiser, I’d probably just flat out refuse.

Might actually take a hammer to my foot to get out of one of these.


i would just pay for a room to myself

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There are not enough rooms in the hotel. We have moved to what appears to be a smaller hotel than previous awards and that is where the issue lies.

I’m more astounded that they’re paying to put you up for the night rather than expecting you to all go home afterwards (or is it some kind of national thing with people going there from round the country?).

It is national. Celeb, booze and meal. It is usually ok other than the fact that our company is very, very male.

Are u up for any awards?

Nominees have not been announced but I was up for an individual award last year. Did not win.

Outside chance of team of the year 2018 but pretty sure I won’t be up for any individuals. Plus do not want to go up if I am sober.

wouldn’t bother me.

any clues on the celeb involved?

not sure I would care that much (for 1 night where you are really only using the room to sleep) - would depend a bit on who I had to share with though

I’ve never actually been required to do this though

@anon29812515 do you know who the celeb is going to be yet?


is it Darren Anderton?

Not announced as yet.

But previously we have had news readers, a 90’s ladette (I guess it’s not ok to used that anymore, just so you know), shit bastards and last year an actor who is kinda a big deal.

But judging by the hotel downgrade we will probably get Dean Holdsworth.

nothing to sniff at


Do you think this has been factored into the costing and that this is a deliberate attempt to repel people from attending?

Might be, the cheap bastards.

I have now drafter my attending but not staying email.

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It’s not often I get to use my favorite quote from Generation Kill: “non only ‘no’, Colonel, but ‘fuck no’” around the office but I think being asked to share a room with a colleague due to “expenses” would warrant it.

Fun fact: this is uttered by General Mattis who is now saving the world from Trump

Did it once at a conference but I was 23 and she was my best friend so it wasn’t a problem.

Been sharing a tent/dorm/hotel room for the last 6 weeks though so have become a bit numb to it.

Would be a polite but firm no from me for work business however.