Twin Towns / Cities

What twin town(s) / city(ies) does your hometown (or place you’re currently living or whatever) have?

Have you been to any of the twins? Reckon it’s a good comparison?

This in not a thread to talk about the Welsh answer to Trainspotting: Twin Town


Not been to any of those I don’t think. I am aware that Albany exists though.


Langenau sounds like a Welsh place, just give it a double L at the front there. Not been to those places.

My contributions to this thread are disappointing, maybe you can do better.


:palestinian_territories: Bethlehem, Palestine
:cn: Dalian, China
:cuba: Havana, Cuba
:pakistan: Lahore, Pakistan
:fr: Marseille, France
:de: Nuremberg, Germany
:ru: Rostov-on-Don, Russia
:it: Turin, Italy

not been to any of those. would quite like to.

Brighton doesn’t have one. Looks like Hove is twinned with some suburb of Paris though, which sounds about right :wink:

Good bunch of twins there.

Also, Worthing has FOUR twin towns in Germany. What’s that all about? (apart from a big pool of towns for school exchange trips)

Fancy a bit of Barcelona?

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want to go to

:norway: Flekkefjord, Norway

now. since it’s twinned with Cowdenbeath


I have said that if there’s one other place I could see myself living in it would be Barcelona

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Been to Speightstown in Barbados loads as it’s where our house is
Came so close to San Fransisco Libre, must have driven right past it.



Current (Cardiff)


Reading and dusseldorf is the only one near me i could remember.

Didn’t know any of my town’s twins but looking them up has explained some local road names

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Winchester - The City of Kings and Priests

:fr: Laon
:de: Gießen


:fr: Chartres
:it: Ravenna

zielen… zule… zola


Hometown has none.
Belfast has loads:

Germany – :Bonn, Germany

South Korea – :Wonju, South Korea

China – :Hefei, China

United States – :Belfast, Maine, United States

United States – :Nashville, Tennessee, United States

United States – :Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Bolivia – :Cochabamba, Bolivia

Current, Cardiff - see @anon44377095 post.

Former, Pembroke

Pembroke is twinned with the towns of Bergen, Lower Saxony, Germany since 1977[16] and Pembroke, Malta since 2002.

Is that really Winchester’s soubriquet? Makes sense, but how grandiose do you want to be, Winch?

Sounds about right for Winch, bunch of snobby pricks

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I’m genuinely really surprised that my hometown has any, apparently Leven is twinned with Holzminden in Germany and Bruges in France.

Haven’t been to either. Didn’t even know that there was a Bruges in France.