'Twinned with...' - is your hometown twinned with anywhere?


If so where? Have you been there? Is it a hole? Etc? Tell me something nice about your twinned city.

Lincoln (UTI) is twinned with Neustadt an der Weinstraße in Germany. I haven’t been there but I’m reliably informed that the name means ‘new town on the wine route’ and that every year, as part of the German Wine Festival, the German Wine Queen has been chosen and crowned in Neustadt.


been done m9


Bourne is twinned with Doudeville in France. We liked that it was basically Dudeville. Preeeeetty cool.


I mean I don’t know when this has stopped us before but yeah @moderators shut this shit down.


I heard that London’s twinned with itself. Figures.


also german! Naort.



No this is the twin of that thread


I didn’t take part last time so:

EK: Ballerup, Denmark

Oxford: Bonn, Grenoble, Perm, Leiden, Leon


i keep forgetting you’re from Bourne <3


He doesn’t make it part of his identity.


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Sevenoaks is twinned with Rehinbach and Pontoise - not been to either.

New Cross is twinned with Charlottenburg - have actually also lived here…


Glad I didn’t have to issue an ultimatum


My hometown is twinned with Bad Münstereifel and Fougères


you COULD say it would make the sky fall?


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aw Luynes looks cute


Buntingford? ffs


I have never benefited from twinning. Fuck twinning.