Twins dressing the same as fully-grown adults



This is a bit odd, right?

Actually these two may have simply been very very alike brothers. They were sat opposite us on the tube the other night, both with same hairdo (and obv the same sort of hair, so), same make of jacket (slight colour difference), black skinny jeans, and different shoes. Oh and the exact same expensive looking frames except one pair in blue and one in red.

Dunno, creeped me out a bit. They were like a pair of hitmen from a James Bond film.

It’s weird, right? Were it not for the identical and expensive looking glasses, I’d have accepted this might have been a weird sort of ‘out on the town chat up thing’ but that’s a lot of money to invest in.


each to their own theo you fucking nazi


Twins are weird full-stop mate


Dunno. When you think about how similarly broad swathes of the public dress thanks to prevailing fashion and accepted style guidelines, it’s not that weird that two people from identical socio-economic backgrounds would develop similar fashion senses and have similar wardrobes.



not even twins!


He needs a pipe.


I don’t even like it when non twinned siblings look very similar, let alone twins dressing the same.

Two brothers used to get on my bus and they were basically the same person but different sizes. It’s fucking weird. People should look different from each other, we’re not plants.

Similarly when everyone in a family has the identical facial feature.

Strong genes they call it. I say, where’s their fucking imagination?


Best post I’ve read for a while, bang on the money mate.


Got saps and Ant in my corner. I feel pretty good.


had these weird twins at our secondary school. of course, they were bullied mercilessly. dead arms, head locks, general school-yard bullying. standard

I remember the first gym session we took together. both brothers had adult sized penis’ and full pubes. at 11!

these cunts were clever as fuck, too. too clever, in my eyes


You see I’ll accept this if they’re still at school because maybe the parents are putting them in a position where they have to dress alike.

But not once you’re out in the real world getting drunk in bars, FFS.