Twisted Reality

The introduction to my new tune for drums and orchestra, here I talk about alien civilizations and technology, don’t worry…all normal :wink:


Hi Pietro,

can I ask you the following question, please?

If we could cure health, would that mean we’d all just die of “natural causes”, ie, old age, or is curing death part of this extra terrestrial cure, in which case, how long can we sustain our own lives, even with the help of the aliens?

Hey Avery, I can just tell you my opinion because I obviously don’t have the answer to your question.
Our life span would be much longer for sure and we would probably die of old age rather than a specific sickness. If I have to say an age I would bet that we could easily pass the 150 years given that we improve the situation for the pollution in our planet and have quality food and movement regularly.