Twitter automatically '@'ing people into replies

If you follow me on twitter, you’ll have seen me post about this last night, but it’s still bugging me.

Say someone tweets a link to a youtube video, and you reply to that tweet. Twitter has now started to automatically add in the twitter handle of the website (i.e. @youtube) into your reply AFTER you have pressed ‘post’.

You have no way of knowing whether they’ll add this, which handle they’ll add, and quite often you don’t want that to happen at all.

The worst instance was when someone posted a link to a ‘hot take’ with a comment, and my reply automatically '@'ed in the author of the piece, with no opportunity for me to remove it.


Can I disable this?

sorry Marckee


(only joking @marckee, I am not on the Twitter. As Mick McCarthy once said, ‘too many Tweets make a twat’).

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I think I’m not affected by this (have just tested on that Twitter thread you did with Sheeldz.

I’d check your profile settings. When they brought in the fucked up Timeline it suddenly automatically turned it on for me.

I have a locked account and still have over 250 followers, mate.


I imagine it’s just you tweeting TfL telling them their tubes are wrong.

Did you test it through the desktop site, or an app?

It doesn’t seem to do this through the desktop site, but does through the app I use (UberSocial). Not sure what sheeldz uses.

Have you checked all the settings on UberSocial? Maybe use a different app. This has never happened to me.

Yeah, desktop only. I don’t use the app as it takes too much battery so just use Mobile site on my phone.

Think it’s in the API. The other thing, where people are @'d via tags so you can’t tell who’s in the conversation easily was app only.

sounds like a recipe for beeves

count me in

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It’s a huge recipe for beeves!

They have been fucking about with @-replies recently.

The most obnoxious one is being trialled with some users where if you’re having a conversation it starts removing the @-name at the start of the tweet. It makes it next to impossible to tell if a tweet is part of a discussion or someone tweeting to everyone and is driving me insane.

I don’t know what this means but I have sent a very stern email to my local MP.

Marckee has been tweeting youtube about stuff, not sure what.

why are they fucking about with stuff that works fine?

maybe just focus on fixing the deluge of rape and death threats that people still receive daily

B-but muh freedom

Because that can be easily done with computers!

Because that requires proper human intervention and is expensive.

does it though

This could’ve happened to me the other day when I subtweeted Huey Morgan the other day. Honestly Huey man, I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known you were still on twitter, I thought you left in shame after that awards unpleasantness a few years back.