Twitter blue ticks


Why do lots of random no-mark journalists have these on their accounts now? I thought the point of them was for celebs to differentiate themselves from fake accounts pretending to be them. who’s going to pretend to be some blogger who writes for The Guardian once a month?


Thought you were having a pop at @sean but he doesn’t even have one


he just has a ‘hot beverage’ which i assume is a euphemism


The only time a blue tick was ever used for good.


he’s the reason i originally signed up to DiS - i was reading a thread and i felt compelled to tell him he was being a massive knob.


m9 it wasn’t really Martin Samuel.


because they apply for them. got a couple of friends who are journalists who unashamedly told me that they submitted applications to twitter for the tick. thought it was pretty lame tbh, but couldn’t be arsed to argue so I just said ‘cool man’.


i was wondering that. imagine thinking you were that important.


apparently it helps with getting stories etc. but yeah.


DIS does though


I think some organisations ask their staff to have them too, probably because it makes the organisation look more ‘official’.

I thought you get a lot more control over what you see in your timeline and the ability to block people in different ways so I presumed part of it was to control the amount of Tweets you’d be receiving in that sort of role.