Twitter links

Is used to be that clicking a twitter link on here would open the tweet on the mobile twitter app, but now it makes a new tab and opens it in the mobile browser (safari iOS) which is a bit annoying. Is there a way to change this (back)? Thanks

Whenever there’s a technical problem like this, it’s more likely to be related to Discourse than DiS, so it’s worth having a little search on their boards.

There seems to be a lot of chat about broken functionality due to changes in Twitter in the last week, however in this instance it could just be a change in configuration on your mobile phone. It sounds like your phone is no longer using the Twitter app as the default for those types of links.

I’ve never owned an iPhone, so am not sure how this works on that operating system, but could you maybe try a twitter link from a different website to see if the behaviour has changed there too, or if it’s specifically through Safari for these boards.

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Cheers my man. I opened up a different site with a twitter link and that went to the browser version but also asked me if I wanted to view it in the app. This seems to have reset something and now it works properly with DiS. All good! Peace and love xx

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