I’m starting to think Twitter is the best medium (other than DiS…) to get something worthwhile out of social media. Trouble is, I usually dip in for a few weeks or so but get frustrated by the dynamics of it, it feels as though you have to stay connected fairly regularly to understand all the different threads of conversation. Nonetheless, I’m going to give it another go, anybody got any tips for getting the best out of it?

Never heard of it.


my best tip is to follow me for consistently consistent #content

WHY is DiS trying to turn that into #sponsoredcontent FRUSTRATINGLY little (none)of my content is sponsored

a ringing endorsement im sure you;ll agree

twitter is a hole

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I’m not sure what level of consistency I want for my content just yet…

im just in it for the sweet, sweet numbers

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Not even on twitterbook, mate



You want the sweet numbers from your #content? @anon5266188 can give some pro-tips on that front.

Just create lists. You can have a list of all your favourite comedy accounts, a list of all your favourite political accounts, a list of all your favourite music accounts etc etc

That way, rather than wading through the glut of your main feed, you can just dip into each list for a few minutes each day.

Thank you. Thank you. I work in social media. Thank you.

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i can but dream

The official app is complete garbage, the timeline doesn’t make any sense. I think I’m going to bin the app and pay for a different one that doesn’t jumble up the timeline. the website version is a bit better

It’s weird because they say they’re against ads, but that’s really all a tweet is.

Truly gutted that this doesn’t work for new DiS

private list for pr0n accounts :point_right::ok_hand:

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Mind Blown .gif


Steal stuff mate, steal stuff all day and all night, steal from your own Grandmother if you have to, it’s worth it when those #numbers start rolling in

Was gutted to see the issues umlaut’s been having with Sainsburys resealable packaging yesterday. Poor guy.


Nah it’s shit

I think it could be a lot better but the owners seem to have zero idea how to run their UX. Every few weeks they make another change that isn’t useful.

Quote Tweeting is a fucking nightmare when you get embedded quote Tweet convos.