Call me a Stalinist tyrant but if I was in any position of power I’d full on ban news outlets using it as a source.

I might allow them to do specialised Twitter sections within news but it’d either have to be printed in comic sans or broadcast with the curb your enthusiasm themetune in the backgroud.


Tweetlogix. Best app I’ve used, it looks good and doesn’t mess about trying to decide what posts you see, it just shows you your timeline. The official app, as you say, is garbage.

Don’t really use twitter much anymore though tbh.

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i like pictures of dogs

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I feel as though that might be quite a good slogan for a future labour leader to campaign on

‘Call me a Stalinist tyrant, but…’


just downloaded and looks good, thanks.

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Discussed a bit in the Elon Muck thread, but deserves its own discussion thread I think.