Two choice points on being paid early in December

  1. No payroll you are not doing us a favour, you just want to finish up early.
  2. ‘Oh no, it will be six weeks until I get paid next’. Your November and December pay will cover the same period as always. Please budget better.

Essentially what I am saying is that it is not worth talking about.

Thanks everyone.

I get paid on the 20th every month so it makes no difference.

Don’t pay any attention to when I get paid any more. Don’t even know when I do get paid.

Yes I have checked my something something privilege.



miss money bags

What if that falls on the weekend. Checkmate, meowington, checkmate.

i get paid on the same day every month

i think a robot does it not a person

You get it the Friday beforehand which is always a result.

Apology accepted.

You’re welcome

What did people do in feudal times?

You know, generally, not about Christmas or money.

We get paid on the 23rd rather than the 28th, so only an extra few days.

The weekly paid employees just get ‘average’ pay for 3 weeks over Xmas and New Year and then get their ‘actual’ pay sorted out in Jan… I’ve no idea why they do this - unless the Payroll department all just have 3 weeks off or something.

give a shit

Sorry mate, this threads for people with jobs.

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i leave in february you cheeky monkey

Sorry Chris. Merry Christmas to you and all those you hold dear (guess that includes me! Merry Christmas me!).

and a very merry christmas to you too!

That’s my experience of Payroll staff anyway.