Two Factor Authentication thread

I have a new job where I cannot have my mobile phone on my person. I also am not allowed any personal electronics.

So I’m fucked when it comes to Two Factor Authentication, aren’t I.

I can’t do anything with the bank at all man, it’s pure wank.


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aint nobody got time for that

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The only two things that have ever required two factor authentication from me are the bank account that my mortgage payments come out of, and my World of Warcraft account.

Free pet with the authenticator though!

And there was probably an incentive with Warcraft too hahahahahahhahaha

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Presumably that only applies during work hours though?

pretty sure I don’t have two factor authentication with my bank

My authenticator fob broke once and I had to send off a photo of my fucking passport before Blizzard would do anything about it. It was significantly more hassle than transferring £ohmygod for a mortgage deposit.

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What prison are you working in?

Everything we use for work now has 2FA. I use the Google Authenticator on my phone. When my phone broke a few months back, it was the biggest fucking headache ever.

Do it out of office?

Yeah the passport thing is the only reason I started afresh when I went back.