Two-Factor Authentication

That’s right motherfucker, I think DiS just got an upgrade so once I’ve got this badboy setup none of you fuckers can get into my (main) account.

Love two-factor auth, get it set up everywhere I can. Some places just seem ridiculous to have it, but you know what? I set it up anyway.

You more of an SMS or Authenticator kinda person? #bants

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I’m the operator with my dual authenticator


Just a way for Sean to get your mobly numbers and work addy, isn’t it?

Turns out the DiS version only supports the app, no SMS, probably the cheapest way to do it.


Nothing makes me crave a return to the slate, abacus and quill more than Two-Factor Authentication.

Our main database hosting site had this brought in over Christmas - it’s still not working properly now.

GDPR shit?

George, Don Lennon, Paul and Ringo.


Better to use 2FA than not, but…

  1. It’s possible to use then text number you provide to bombard you with spam. Facebook’s started doing this:
  1. If someone’s really determined, it’s not too difficult to call up a phone network pretending to be you and get access to your phone number

If in doubt, just set your password to ‘trustno1’. Guaranteed security.

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fire up the recent example of an outdated meme thread:

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