Two minute warning ⚠️ (And Friday thread)

Sun is shining though eh ? :sun_with_face:

What are you gonna do with your last two minutes (day)


Never been more than 17 minutes away from midnight since 1947. Good scale.

We’re all going to die in a fiery apocalypse? At least I’m going with a strong T-shirt. Might meet the big guy from the book and all (hope not, though).


Morning all.

Reckon anyone’s ever made a margarita but with cocaine around the rim instead of salt? A Rick James Margarita, if you will.

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Wondered why I was so tired all the time.

Obviously. What else do you have for Friday breakfast?

You lawyers!



good day all,

bout to jump on the train to London, love getting the train down to London. will need to get some train wine.


Oh no! There’s a fiery nuclear ball of heat and gas on the horizon! Run for your lives!

Oh false alarm: it’s just the sunrise over the River Ouse


morning everyone

guess everyone at my office has decided to go huddle down in some bunker or something cos they sure as fuck aren’t in my office. I nearly worked from home today but decided to make the effort to come in. Good idea that.

On the plus side, have had a bacon roll :pig2:

My first filing of the day got bounced because it “may contain a virus”. I’ve got four of these due today and I’m wfh.

So that’s good.

Morning all.

Got a day of mindless testing to do today. Borrowed some headphones of the gf which aren’t great but a day of coffee, music and faffing with excel seems pretty good right now.

I brought my breakfast in with me as I couldn’t be arsed to get out of bed and eat it though so I’m gonna have that and not do any work for at least another hour.

Mornin. Got a job interview at 4 o’clock today. Who schedules an interview for a friday afternoon ffs? Not sure what to do until then, might play vidya.

(Watching frasier obv)

I’m WFH. I’m watching a documentary on BBC about Big Cats.

Bf is going to talk to the bank about the mortgage. I’m staying home and having avo toast and coffee.

I have to start moving stuff later on and CBA.

Morning all. At home while a heating engineer tries to fix our heating for the zillionth time, then off to the office in the afternoon because there’s free drinks after work (and yadda yadda work ethic).

Dual-wielding work on one screen, Cowboy Bebop on the other :+1:

And an M&S picnic


The gardeners are cutting all the hedges down to stumps. It looks stupi, might not offer them cups of tea today as punishment. It will soon top all the neighbourhood cats hiding and fighting in them at least.

Need to use up a bit of mascarpone, tried putting some on toast with honey but it’s a bit much for breakfast.

Back in work after being off to look after a sick baby yesterday. My team had some good #results this week which is nice, but I need to finish something off. Big weekend with baby parties planned.

Tiny cheesecake?

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