Two of my neighbours have their Christmas trees up



How many houses have you seen with Christmas trees up so far?

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There are two massive trees up in the city centre since the start of November though. Dickheads.


do they have lights on, or is it a preparatory thing?


bit surprised at how early these dickheads are - but they’re both around the corner in the more loyalist area so they’ve probably been itching to stick up some kind of decoration since they had to take down their flags and union jack bunting at the end of the summer.


Christmas lights on the front of the house

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Someone on my road had there Christmas tree up last weekend, twats.


Haven’t checked, will do later! I do know that most of the lights are up all over the city so probably.


ours are being officially switched on tomorrow so most likely


keep me posted guys!


Ah, you’ve just reminded me that ours were switched on last week! @bird , there’s your answer!


There is this house in Northolt that is so ridiculous, every inch of the front of their house is coated in lights I love it so much


nice tag :thumbsup: