Two thirds of people are definitely lying here eh?

true but if he died he’d be all over the news

I’d like him locked in a box in trafalgar square, he can see out from it, but to everyone else it’s just covered in mirrors

being unable to get any attention would torture him

and I’d like that

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I get far too into the whole sort of sliding doors side of these scenarios too. If piers died because we wished it on him but wasn’t when he woidl have died otherwise then what does that make room for in the world? Might somehow lead to global disaster, or set something in motion that births a serial killer.

This is also how my mind works when I’m trying to have sex fantasies. Oh but if he’s here now then what if he misses his new washing machine being delivered and his flat floods and his dog dies.


:smile: you’re a good egg scout

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obviously you then have really empathetic, cathartic mourning sex with him. don’t give up!

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I think I only wish certain people would go away forever if it feels like other ways of making them stop hurting people aren’t going to be achievable

think it’s much better to wish living justice on them

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I definitely hoped that Donald Trump would die from Covid when he had it.

As time’s gone on I’ve been increasingly sad that Farage wasn’t killed in that plane crash too.

Sorry. I don’t really have any excuses here.

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