Two (Tue) daily threads in two days

Hi dis.

Wanna see my new hair?

Have wonderful Tuesdays!!! It’s gonna be a scorcher.

Morning. Yes seeing new hair would be a good start to the morning. Is it a mohawk?

I am up watching Dumbo for the hundredth time. Bairn’s choice. Pretty miserable looking outside. Nothing planned but if it clears up I may go walk later.

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Early Superman script needed revising


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning from safebruvs solitude. Here all day every day


Morning! I am excited to see your new hair! :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

@shinymcshine are you watching the original Dumbo or the new one?

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Peanut is still alive and my dad reckons he’s diagnosed what the issue is (ear infection) so has booked in a vets appointment. He originally got a 5pm appointment but managed to convince them to switch it to 9.30 as it’s an emergency

Hope my little baby can make it

I love this picture of him and Pip, it looks like an album cover


The original racist one. Tried to convert him to the new one this morning but he wasn’t having it.

Ohhhh fingers crossed pervo!!!

Here it is.


Love this :heart_eyes: it really makes your eyes pop!!

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Looks great!

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C’mon Pip! Stay strong!

Tilts your hair looks wondrous :star_struck:

@shinymcshine urgh, yeah. I caught the beginning of the film on tv one Christmas after not seeing it for years and was really shocked at how blatant it was.


Morning all :tired_face:

Back in work after a really lovely day off yesterday. I had 84 emails when I logged on this morning (having logged off at 4.45pm on Friday). Fortunately there was nothing too terrible but who knows what awaits me today?

My grandpa can’t watch Dumbo because it’s too loaded for him - the day he saw it at the cinema with his mum was the day his house got bombed and she died :frowning: war is brutal

It’s already too hot. Morning everyone. Tilty your hair is :fire: Good luck to little Peanut @TheBarbieMovie2023. Might just stay in bed by the fan.


:hungary: Jó reggelt kívánok!

(This is my new thing)

I meant Peanut ofc :woman_facepalming:t2: Durrrrr need more sleep

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Oh that’s so sad.


Aww thanks guys :grin: it’s a bit of a step as I’ve never had pink or purple hair… Always cool colours like green and blue.

Think my boiler is broke (AGAIN) as it’s not firing properly and the hot water ran out again yesterday. I’ve tried resetting it about 5 times and nothing is happening. Fucks sake. It was serviced in November. I don’t know anything about this stuff, might just turn it all off and on again at the mains switch.