TWOSDAY (22.2.22) Evening thread


I just wanted to use the word TWOSDAY in the thread title.

How was your day? Dinner plans? Up to anything this evening?

I have been working all day and have nothing interesting to report.

  • Go watch the football on my todd
  • Go home and not watch football on my todd

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I did the thing and made two cheesy, creamy vegetable dishes for dins.

Left is cauliflower cheese from the quick roasting tin and on the right is creamed spinach with ricotta.

Both delicious but RIP my :leaves:


Oh just ate up a sweet potato and giant cous cous salad with baba ganoush

Hi. My day was up and down.

Don’t know what to have for tea. Choice is either spaghetti con il tonno or something from the Local Indian that does curry pizzas cos they do a 30% off everything deal on a Tuesday.

  • Spaghetti con il tonno
  • Takeaway

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Sad that I don’t have any more Love Is Blind to watch tonight.

Leftover chicken adobo, maybe a daiquiri to try a different spec out … ThAts all

Might finally watch Shiva Baby, and try to sort out my future plans trips meals gigs etc. Not holding out much hope for that one

Dunno what il tonno is so has to be takeaway

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You should its good

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Well this is shaping up to be a fucking shit week off.

Getting an Indian takeaway as mrS is off now for half term

Mushroom Biriani - me
Garlic naan - me
Chicken tikka - V
Chips - V
Onion bhaji - R
Cheese naan - R
Chicken masala - MrS

We tend to share a bit of everything so that’s good.


Posted this in the hello fresh thread but everyone can see it

Halloumi with Muhammara Dip with Herby Bulgur

Was banging


Oh yeah takeaway for sure

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Good colour on that ‘loumi.


Chinese thread had been a bad influence on my health kick.

Ordered from a new place so i can blame @Tuna if its bad, no seaweed on offer though. How will i cope?



Sorry for the vaguebooking but got some bad news about a friend today and just feeling a bit winded and sad.

Miles Davis’ favourite bassoon player


Chips with everything!

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Bon soir mes amis

Quiche, beans and oven chips for dinner, with cheap sainsburys trifle for pudding

I haven’t got much in the way of chat, but I have got an interesting Sherry fact, following some trifle discussion. Apparently it’s only existed since 1932! Who knew!