TWOSDAY (22.2.22) Evening thread



It’s what he says in it too which makes it even more lol

I know I know James corxxn bad gavin stacey bad etc etc but I’m fond of it

I’ve banished everything I’ve ever heard him say from my memory.

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Taps post

Evening all!

Today hasn’t been terrible although I did foolishly agree to teach an extra class for the rest of the year. It’s bought me enough goodwill for a Friday off for the rest of the year so not all bad. I marked a load of things and got some work from a student that I’ve been chasing since November.

We’ve had a chickpea curry for tea. It was OK but that Chinese thread has put me in the mood for some salt and chilli chicken and fried rice.

We’ll hopefully watch Deerskin tonight because the other option is that musical about Washington Heights by what’s his name The Encanto Guy.

In the Washington

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Had a nice half term trip out to Bath today. Was quite impressed with the Roman baths - a lot more to it than I was expecting. Pisses all over the Jorvik centre, that’s for sure.

Nowt planned this evening, mainly just counting down the minutes til bedtime.

Had “macaroni” for tea. It looked like this

And I will not be taking questions.


Did you hear about the hydrogen atom who started screaming he’d lost his electron? I asked him if he was sure, he said ‘‘I’m positive!’’

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and then he was arrested


Off on holiday tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Ate loads of cakes and what have you today as it was the last day for a colleague. Really going to miss her and am sad.
Just fried up some leftover rice as a snack. Have pizza for later if I fancy it. Also have wine which I definitely fancy.

Going to find a few little things to watch on YouTube and then finish watching The Nest

Shiva Baby is wicked.

Made a horrible ragu (put kale in it to try to use it up, never again)

Mighty fine

Roasted cauliflower, feta and olive couscous, mixed salad, smoked chilli harissa, labneh with mint

Watch TV, read, drink whisky


Im going the football after a stop off for a pint of delicious Joker IPA


We’re staying at my parents’ house while they’re away. It’s a bit weird.

My sons just shown me how if you push a pencil up the wall really fast it stays there.



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I know right.

Downside - now have pencil marks up the walls.



So if I push a pencil up a wall, I’m expecting it to stay at the top?