Twosday morning

I couldn’t sleep and I’ve spent the last hour snort laughing at tik tok compilations

I am tilty now


Morning tilty & etc

4 more days until 3 weeks off

Crawling to the finishing line

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This but two weeks (woe is me etc)

Not sure I have any brain cells left tbh

Same here. I’m a zombie this week, might as well just stop now tbh


Morning tilty!! I’m going into work for the very last time this year. Weeeeee.


Morning tilty bitt ssf jagpit

Going to see police today and then sleep as I’m sickypoo


I made a joke yesterday that I should start getting R up at half five so he goes to sleep at a reasonable hour in the evenings. I wasn’t serious, I don’t really want to be up that early.

I’ve been up since half five.


I hear you. I can’t quite believe I’m walking to the office in a suit & polo neck combo



I just realised it’s less than a week until the days start getting longer, so there’s that.

My car has its MOT today. It’s it’s very first MOT so hopefully it’ll sail through, fingers crossed


No thanks


Absolutely no way id make my meeting and get M to school on time, neighbour saw me running with her and has taken her (illegally). It’s great how the education system so perfectly aligns with the 9-5 :upside_down_face:

Better mask ratio today on the bus.

Absolitey hate every podcast I subscribe to (apart from the ones about cities but not in the mood for learning). Just so many male duos, and variants of narcissistic women talking about serial killers interspersed with them talking about how great they themsleves are and how we should be great like them too. Is there anything funny out there?!

4 days left, joining those crawling to the finish line…

Off today. Don’t have a finishing line to crawl to :person_shrugging:

Have you tried Dear Joan and Jericha? Or Lou Sanders cuddle club?

I could not prise my eyes open at 7:20 for a workout so I did lazy breakfast in bed and need to go for a run later.

Tonight I’m going out for dinner. I need a last minute buzz to push me through these stressful times before tier 3 hits.

Just remembered I’ve got 1 day of holiday I haven’t taken for some reason, and now won’t

never slept this badly this consistently before, and i was wondering why i felt so drained lately …

Morning all.

@anon5266188 check out the markup on a simple Smeg coffee machine when they put a Dolce & Gabbana print on it

Off to see Tenet in 30 mins. I usually like Nolan’s stuff so hopefully I will this.

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The building work began piercingly loudly and now it’s gone silent… but for how long?

Literally cannot conceive of getting building work done in an unsoundproofed building and not fucking telling anyone when half the county is working from home, for fuck’s sake. [Insert more expletives here]