Twosday morning

Hi Theo, this is an unusual thing to tag me in. I really hope you have a lovely time at the cinema though, I am very jealous.

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Oh I just filed it under ‘fashion labels are a rip off and weird’ and thought of you as a consequence.

Thank you

Ah of course, yeah, it’s exceptionally fucking stupid eh

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Yeah, I listened to a bit of cuddle club but as much as I like her I felt like it had a bit of potential to turn into something more serious (might be wrong) and I just want laughs. I’ll check out that other one, thank you!

Neighbour update: a 100 plant cannabis factory was raided and shut down this week


Oh lol, have you seen my posts from the last six months?

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First comment on the local police Facebook page story about it:




:skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:


would have put actual money on today being wednesday wtf

Remind me to set up a betting pool involving you

i would put money on me forgetting to do this

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Bloody typical that after s minging weekend weather wise Tuesday is a beautiful day.

Don’t judge me but I haven’t actually brushed my teeth yet somehow.

Not sure if you’re after fiction podcast stuff but I’ve just started on Victoriocity, which has s pratchett-esque sense of humour in a alternative electro-punk Victorian setting.

I did all my podcast listening on the tram so I’m miles behind on 99 pi etc.

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Thanks, I check it out!

just brought gf a cup of tea and she asked me if i’d been napping. think i’ve successfully dressed to look as if i’m ready for a nap at any point today tbf

that’s one of her t-shirts because of course it is. i guess this is how my brain dressed me when i’ve spent 1-3am walking round the house with a baby on my shoulder trying to get him back to sleep :man_shrugging:


This has been doing this for approximately seventeen majillion hours.