Another day, another sort of displays and insetting fun etc

How bouts u hun?

5 hours of calls scheduled for today :expressionless:


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Our first proper day today, year 3!!! They’re so small!!!

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The CDs arrived last night. Proud as fuck because the band are amazing and drumming doesn’t sound shit, and I also designed it. Looks alright.


I love Bristol, would move there no worries.

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Have a great day!!

Got the beginnings of a cough or cold or something, ffssssssssss

Work. Might do a bike later. Probably not tho due to impending ill.

I think I’m gong to soft play today. I definitely can’t be in my house because we only have a shell of a kitchen and The Child won’t stay out of it.

Heading back to Glasgow this aft.

Then need to start packing.

That is all.

Meeting my new boss today. Not looking forward to that really

Feeling groggy this morning after a ‘few’ drinks with my Mam last night.

Last day of the school holidays here. This pleases me.

Mrs W is taking our eldest to the Warner Bros Harry Potter thing today. This means that I’m at home with our youngest (aka the beast). I don’t know what we’ll do yet. I’ll have a think about it after another couple of coffees.

Tried to have a bed tea but my milk (which is actually five days out of date) has finally gone off :sob:


another one for impending cold crew reporting in

Week two of cold over here, hoping it clears up before I go on holiday on Friday. Glasgow for work today

gf’s going on holiday with her pals this wk so its me and doggo against the world. doing half a day wfh then driving them to the airport then HOUSE PARTY AT VINEYS (not really)





Busted my arse to get here on time today because the boss is meant to be back from her holibobs and she’s not even here.


Morning all!

Spent over five grand on flights last night. Fucking hell!

Just had a nice chat about my perineum with my colleague.