Ty Segall

New self-titled streaming at NPR. Sounds bloody super.


Only other ones I’ve got are Goodbye Bread and Emotional Mugger, love em both. Riffs for miles, catchy choruses, just enough off the hinge.

Let’s all show love for the garage wunderkind. Hope he tours here soon.

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Picked up the one with White Fence, as well as Twins and Slaughterhouse. All good stuff, he’s too prolific to keep up pace with.

It’s a damn solid Ty Segall record. Defs one for the part-timers who don’t pick up every release (like me).

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I can’t keep up with him! But everything I’ve heard has been excellent.

Love Fuzz. Incredible album covers too.

Have heard a couple of tracks and have really liked them

The best, and incredible live to boot. Slaughterhouse is still his finest hour imho but all good.

He needs to announce some UK tour dates ASAP! Last years Forum show with the muggers was a glorious mess - being drenched in beer and sweat at its best!

Date at the Coronet announced:

New EP up on Bandcamp now:

He won’t stop!

Yasssss love me a bit of Mikal Cronin!! When’s he gonna release another solo album, eh?


That Hot Chocolate cover!

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Oh no, I meant a new album by Mikal Cronin! I presumed that Ty would have something in the pipeline sooner rather than later :slightly_smiling_face:

Not given the Hot Chocolate cover a listen yet though but is it really gonna top Alan Vega’s version?

Decent interview about his upcoming album


Still not sure about a 19 track album but Despoiler of Cadaver sounds great.

Manipulator was 17 tracks and I thought that was pretty good.