Ty Segall

Really ready for this after that Sabbath thread the other day

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The Fuzz debut might be my favorite Ty release. Brilliant stuff.

This sounds great too, although perhaps less distinct from his music under Ty Segall. Hope the album has loads of bluesy jams to get lost in.

Anyone ever ordered from In The Red Records?

Been waiting over a month for an LP and don’t want to pester if this the norm. Doesn’t seem to be any kind of tracking annoyingly, which is what I would have hoped for with $22 postage…

Not ordered from them but would say that the US postal service is a mess right now, have seen loads of people talking about stuff just taking forever.

And US international postage is really high these days, that price is about right for totally bogstandard normal service. Think they use it to subsidise domestic services.

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I’ve ordered from In The Red before and it was delivered in about a week. But anything international is taking ages , since Covid backed everything up. I’ve had a few international orders take over 2 months.

UK to US and US to UK postage just took a big cost increase , for all intents and purposes it pretty much ended me ordering vinyl from the UK. Only way to reasonably get British bands vinyl now is to order through rough trade or another store and get a few at a time.

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I hadn’t thought about that. Perhaps UK releases are seen as more of a niche in the US, whereas not so much the case with the US over here. That’s a real shame but at least there is rough trade.

I’ll hang on then. The US postal service has bigger fish to fry given everything going on

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Yeah a US artist I like found a box of something that was thought sold out and put them on bandcamp. The record was reasonably priced but with shipping costs it basically doubled to close to £40. Just not in my budget, which was a real shame.