Tycho 2016


there was an old thread, but here’s a new one.

early this year - "Division"

last night - "Epoch"

I like Epoch a lot. Like, it’s the best thing he’s done since Dive i reckon.

ps i don’t know if this is going to work


Yes! Love Tycho!

I take it with these two tracks that there’s an album on the way then?


as far as i understand yeah, but nothing announced. he’s doing a huge north american tour and playing australia next year too, so it looks likely. the tour is called the “division” tour, so maybe that’s the name of the record?

would love to see them live.


Yeah, I missed them last time they played Glasgow as I was on holiday. A couple of mates went and said it was stunning so desperate to see them next time around.

If there’s an album (seems likely) and they’re doing all of North American and Oz then they’ll be over here again at some point.


I loved Dive, but Awake was bland as hell. This new stuff is definitely not revolutionary.


I agree with Dive and Awake, but I am excited by Epoch.


I saw him in London just after Awake. The crowd was full of bellends and it totally ruined it for me.

Still a sucker for everything he’s done, even the bland / paint-by-numbers stuff.


Bellends ruin everything! :-1:


My understanding was reading that the new album has been worked on in and around the last couple of tours, and that he’s completed quite a bit of stuff.

I like the new tracks. Hoping that Awake was a necessary stepping stone for him.


My personal favourite is Past Is Prologue, but I’m sure he’s not going to make a bedroom record again. In that case, my hope is he can go for something big-sounding with a lot of hooks and enough changes in tone/texture that it doesn’t become too bland.


It’s out. “Epoch”.

Out on Spotify et al.



Listened this morning on the way to work. V.good :+1:


probably the most boring record i’ve heard all year. this is basically elevator music with “edgy” drums at like 2 points. really really disappointing.


Tycho always risks beeing on the wrong side of that line. Far to crisp, bright production for me. I want something more!




so i’ve spent a bit of time with this.

it feels on the surface better than Awake - like loads better. It’s more interesting I think, and feels more like a progression from Dive to Awake. Like, it should be Dive - Epoch - Awake. Glad it sticks around a littl ebit longer too. That being said, it has retroactively made me think about why Awake didn’t work for me.

It never went anywhere interesting. Epoch does, but it feels like it never settles down at any point, almost like it isn’t sure of it’s convictions, like we’d get bored? Dive had loads of space, loads of reflection and loads of time… it felt more relaxed. this feels scattered and a bit “just sit the fuck down” almost, like on Epoch it doesn’t manage more than four bars before the drumming drops out, snaps out, or does something different. Feels odd.

Still, Receiver is top drawer. As is Source. Also, love the artwork article about the “trilogy” on the blog.