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New album “Weather” hits 12th July.

Single “Pink and Blue” has vocals in it from Saint and Sinner.

Ummmmmmm… Interesting.


Does he still make those compilations?

Sadly no. And the ISO50 blog page has much reduced content. I guess he and the other guy who used to post a lot of photography and music (but who also went into releasing music) got too busy. Pity … got so many good tracks out of digging through that blog.


This is total shit, isn’t it? I mean, the vocals are monotone and sing about nothing, and just skim all over mediocre music.

The two that sound half decent are just rip offs of AFX and himself!

I’ve really enjoyed it. The vocals are a good change of pace from his earlier stuff. If anything the weaker tracks are the purely instrumental ones.

It’s a bit on the short side but I’ll take that over a sprawling mess any day of the week!

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Yeah, I’ve found myself cold to it. The first two records I still adore, but it’s diminishing returns from Awake onwards. Whenever I’ve listened to this one, the lyrics and vocals just exacerbate the drift towards blandness in his work.

I think it’s his best since Dive. Although, as @sheeldz says, the vocals are pretty monotone, they fit well within the sound world. I found it pretty enchanting overall.

Maybe I just dislike the vocals. Because I do.

His last few have been too short. I love the slow build ups. I feel there is a fine line between brevity and impatience and I feel like his recent stuff is to impatient.

Agree. Massively. Mind, Epoch was very good I think.

Bump. The long awaited “insrumental” version of Weather, called Simulcast is out on Mom+Pop on the 28th February, and it is already getting me more excited. The new single Outer Sunset is exactly what I want him to sound like, and feels much more linked to Dive than anything else.

And this sounds like an actual Dive b-side.