Nice autocorrect there.

What’s going on?


Currently sweating on a train to work :cold_sweat:

Going to Pho tonight with colleagues. Should be okay.

GWS and good luck with the interview.

The north awaits your return.


Going in late today, serious levels of cba but last full day in the office so, swings and roundabouts.

Nothing planned this evening either, first free evening in bloody ages.

Barely 8am and I’ve already chucked a freshly-killed pheasant over a fence. Country living :+1:

Time for a cup of tea, I think.

Sky was very pretty this morning. As usual, my crap phone camera doesn’t quite do it justice:

Feeling really stressed about everything today :frowning: my fault for having relaxed slightly over the weekend


Like was for the photo, not the stress. Hope that clears man.


Pho is best food.

Week off this week. Still in bed as I didnt sleep very well.

It’s really weird not being woken up by Gizmo.

Preschool Christmas party at soft play this morning with a moody, ever so slightly under the weather R.

Ngl, I am scared.

Morning y’all

Tired, a bit grumpy, and have completely checked out of work now and have no real plans to put a shift in this week.

So very tired.

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Morning all! My absolute ATD is over from Sydney this evening before popping up to the Shire for Christmas tomorrow night. Going to meet him off the platform at Paddington and have arranged a little surprise Chrimbus drinks with a few m9s at my first of 2 Craft Beer Co’s this week.

Taken tomorrow off :sunglasses:


Shouted at a driver on my way to work - he pulled across an intersection and planted himself on the crossing when there was very clearly no hope in hell he was going to get clear of it before the lights went red.

A woman on the other side laughed (supportively) and we had a quick chat on how London fills everyone with rage.

Five weeks to go!


Might just turn round and go home


Just had 3 mini mince pies for breakfast #christmas


If this is anything to go by my day will be pure disappointment


actually no it won’t, just picked up my raffle prize from the post office :heart_eyes: but have to carry it around at a conference all day


Just text my mum and when I’m home on Saturday (presumably hungover as fuck from the DiS meet) she’s gonna get me a Nandos takeaway (GRAVY!!) and we’re gonna watch Paddington 2 :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


think I’m finally going to have to accept that tea > coffee

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I know it’s a chain but a 3 course meal plus sides n that for £18.95 in the City of London is pretty good innit.

Good morning :umbrella: Couldn’t lift my arms properly to wash my hair this morning because of gym. Hoping to persuade colleagues to play some office games today, work just isn’t doing it for me at all. Going for a burger with a couple of colleagues after work though, should be good.