Tyler, the Creator - Lovebox & Parklife 2020

For your FYI’s


Presume he is also playing Primavera, but if not I think I will head to Lovebox.

He was fantastic on the Flower Boy tour, and his Igor show looks even better (he has doubled down on the flamboyant dancing, basically)

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Yep - to those that haven’t because of the nonsense (but now lifted) ban - I can’t recommend seeing him live enough. Life affirming energy and fun.

Hoping this means a Primavera headline slot is locked down as his last set there was one of the most joyous shows I’ve ever seen.

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Charli XCX and FKA Twigs also playing the same day as him at Lovebox :+1:


Oh! I will go to Lovebox I think


I am tempted by the Sunday but everyone I know who’s been to Lovebox says it’s awful and full of prats.

Annoying that they’ve moved it to earlier in the year - would have been up for going to the Sunday otherwise. Also a but of a shame on a selfish level that it’s moved to three days, they always get a reasonable amount of stuff I like but it’ll probably end up far more thinly spread over three days.

Last year was fine but there was a noticeable change in demographic from when I’d previously been. Then again I saw Anderson Park and thought he was so good that I left really early doors. 2013 was fine as well; 2014 people jumped the fence so we missed Nas playing Illmatic which was shit.

Got a ticket for me and my Tyler-obsessed 18 year old brother. Hoping his youth will rub off on me and I won’t feel so out of place.


You’ll LOVE it! He became the favourite artist of my (non hip hop listening) other half when we caught him live.

Why was he banned from the countru?
My mate has bought me and the TV tickets to this but I doubt we’ll go ad it’s the weekend after Primavera and there’s sure to be a lot of cross over. It’s bloody expensive too!

Think it was because the T Bot didn’t like some of his lyrics or something. Seems odd that she listens to (rap) music, but there you go.

To be fair, i remember listening to album of his years ago. Maybe like 2012? And it was really good, but there were a few very gratingly homophobic moments, from memory. No idea if he’s addressed it since

Yeah it came about because of some Daily Mail campaign I think (funnily enough the homophobia argument was never used to ban more problematic Eminem)…

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Just imagine the Daily Mail being concerned with homophobia.

Also I’m getting him confused with Chance The Rapper, i think. And as you say, Eminem was saying and doing way worse on stages long before.

I mean, Tyler appears to be gay, so the whole thing’s ridiculous.


No wonder the DM/May hated him