Tyler the creator

anybody still care about this daft bastard?

new album’s getting strong reviews

i’ve not listened to him since Wolf and then telling Tegan and Sara to have his dick or whatever - put me right off

apparently he’s come out queer

Gave it a listen this morning. Really liking it so far.

Garden Shed is beautiful


Great on first listen. Especially enamoured by the Dee-Lite sample in I Ain’t Got Time!

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I was a big fan of Cherry Bomb. Wolf had potential but too bloated. Goblin was poor. Bastard was great at the time when Odd Future had kind of exploded out of nowhere with loads of material and solo albums and videos, holds up a little less now. But this album is exactly what I thought Tyler was capable of to be honest. He’s definitely onto something really good. Going to give this one some serious listens.

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original sample is an even better source

Oh shit, hadn’t even crossed my mind it might be a sample itself. All over that when I get home—thanks.

liking this a lot more than expected, especially the slower tracks

Wolf is a pretty great record imo, a song like ‘rusty’ makes up for some of the less worthwhile moments. This is pretty nice, might rinse it a few times this week

Something is happening


If I leave now I can get to London with ten minutes to spare

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He got back into the country!



Peckham… too far! I’m working in central london today… would totally have nipped down to Buckingham Palace on my lunch break

Report back!

Immediately pictured him and Hodgy Beats recreating Only Fools and Horses moments

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Literally just got back from Peckham FFS

I’m going too

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I’m going to look like someone’s dad aren’t I?


If it’s in the Bussey then surely it’s over 18s tho right?