Type O Negative


used to hate them when i was a goth kid but reckon I might be able to enjoy them now. What’s good?




Still got a soft spot for this. It used to get played a lot at the rock/metal club when i was at uni in Newcastle.


October Rust is an amazing autumn night album, the production is amazing and it’s great for croon-alongs. This is not the right time of year for Type O!


absolutely love the terrible twin peaks synth sounds :smiley:


So much this - it is so overblown.




oooh this is bad


Fun fact: Pete Steele (RIP) also inexplicably appeared in Playgirl magazine and had a huge wang.


i have seen these pictures, i was not surprised at the size of his penis. he was a big ol’ man.


Was on Springer too


Log on DIS, two of the top 5 topics are about Type O Negative and Mortiis.

Halcyon days


Terrible, terrible band but I do love this.


oooh that’s bad. i’m sensing there’s a sorta goth power ballad synth epic side to them i’m going to like and a really terrible ‘punk’ side that i’m not.


If you’re into schlock Goth, October rust is the place to go. I just find it really samey and dull.

But here’s more cheese.

Then there’s The Isley Brothers cover


Remember having this on a Roadrunner compilation and thinking it was…good I guess?! It stuck with me anyway. Never listened to any more of them though.


Terrible band that for some reason modern hardcore kids seem to like and rip off??

Noooooo ruuuulllleeeessss


Possibly the 5th best song on nativity in black



Wonderful band with an amazing sense of humour, Pete Steele was underappreciated in his time. My favourite will always be October Rust, and In Praise Of Bacchus is the best from that. The deepest latin chanting at the end! Stunning.