Type O Negative

Pallbearer’s cover of this is probably my favourite cover of all time.

surprising turnout for a type o thread!

Yeah, this! They were always stony faced in their delivery, but there was a sly sense of self awareness about how ludicrous it all was.

October Rust, Bloody Kisses and World Coming Down all got a lot of plays between my mates and I as teenagers. And we weren’t even goths.

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Always have a soft spot for October Rust!

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i do enjoy how they called their best of ‘the least worst of type o negative’

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kind of amazing how badly these guys swing from enjoyable goth rock to absolutely turgid horrible i don’t know what

Hahaha indeed, they have really great songs… and i used to hate them too!! now i can enjoy a lot of their material, i found some great songs in every album they released. Type o Negative is really one of a kind.
What do you guys think about the last album Dead Again? I’m listening to the full album for the firs time now.