Types of shop that don’t or rarely exist anymore

Have any weird anomalous shops you ever go to or pass?

Just randomly remembered when I was in 6th form my mate would sometimes buy his cigs (20 Bensons) from a tobacco shop. It sold loads of types of loose tobacco by weight and rough French cigarettes etc.

Tobacco shops don’t exist in the UK anymore do they?

There’s one near me

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theres one in manchester :slight_smile:

although maybe its more cigars, and not so much loose tobacco

Those which had tanks and little fish in that people put their feet in to lose dry skin


There’s one on Cross Street in Manchester but it’s half traditional tobacco shop like out for a film. And half your standard cornershop with loads of nik naks and the like

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Yeah this place had jars of tobacco - a bit like old fashioned sweet jars - and they’d weigh it out on a set of scales.

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Candlestick maker’s

Hydroponic shops

travel agents cant be here for much longer


Can only find an outside shot

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Video rental places

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Still get loads of travel agents in Italy for some reason.

Every small town has at least one toy shop as well.


Funny you should mention it - I noticed this one just this morning


Is this Deansgate?

Been a long long time since I was in Manchester.

Cross Street, parallel to deansgate - just by the town hall

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I’d love to support a video/dvd rental place. Not a blockbusters obviously, a proper little independent place.

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polar opposite here in Spain where pretty much everyone gets their cigs from the tobacco shop.

prefer the UK in that respect tbh - quite often caught short here because the shops close on Sundays and not every bar stocks my brand.

Find the lack of toy shops utterly baffling and something I never really noticed until having M.

I know all the smaller ones seem to have closed but even in the city centre they’re hard to find. There’s The Entertainer in the Arndale and until recently the Disney store but that’s gone now. The curse of department stores and that I guess.

In Italy it’s somewhere in between - shops that sell 90% cigs but also weird random stuff like stamps and a few sweets.They always have cig machines outside for after hour sales as well.

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