Types of work email you routinely ignore


I had a belter of a thread idea over the weekend, but I’ve forgotten what it was now so you’re getting this shite instead.

I’ve been bombarded with emails about how IT support is changing, or something, for the past couple of weeks. Don’t care. Banged them all into a folder somewhere and won’t read them until my laptop stops working, obviously.

I’ve also got a colleague who emails me far, far too much. Five or six times a day. Now I just mark them as read and wait for them to phone me if there’s anything important I’ve ignored.


Ones about contributing to people’s collections. They send about 5 reminders


Health and safety stuff


“please submit your timesheet”


check out Axle Foley over here


most of them tbh. currently got 162 unread in a folder with a rule set up and theres 287 unread in my deleted items folder


Anything marked with High Importance (it never ever is)