Typhoon - Offerings

Alright, I seem to have got some people’s attention about this album in the favourite albums of the year so far thread, so let’s talk about mine (so far).

Offerings by Typhoon is a monumental album that I have become completely obsessed with over the past couple months. I didn’t know them before the record came out in January, and even then it took me a couple months to really get it, but good lord this is such a stunning record FFO: big cinematic, emotional indie-rock like early-Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, Manchester Orchestra, Devil & God-era Brand New, and more, managing to sound very familiar to all those influences but also rather distinct and unique at the same time.

Here’s some favourite tracks although it’s hard to really sum it down just to this. Also there’s like 11 of them:


Only listened to it the other day, really enjoying it, especially get the brand new comparisons.

Think Rorschach and Empiricist are my faves too

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right? like it’s got that same existential vibe which I really hope doesn’t turn out to also be something more sinister.

It’s hard to pick a fave as it’s all brilliant, but the way those two run (and also the first track) is really something

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Straight into my top albums of the year list (which was a bit sparse to be honest). They remind me of so many great bands, but only in little snippets so not enough that they sound like a ripoff. All of the above, plus Band Of Horses, Say Hi To Your Mom, Her Space Holiday, The World Is a Beautiful Place…, The Silent Type (another DiS recommended band from ages ago) and lots more. Unusual and Darker are my current favourites.

Their live stuff on YouTube is even better than the recorded versions. The Tiny Desk session is especially good.

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Yeah think the comparisons are all fair but as you say it doesn’t feel like a pastiche or rip off just good influences

Remind me a bit of seafood.

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Also a good one

The run of Darker - Bergeron - Ariadne is pretty special. This is such a perfect night time album.

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Right? The sequences in general run so well

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sounds good, i shall investigate further

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great to see the interest in this album!

I have been a fan since 2011, and loved their last album White Lighter.

The comparisons given in this thread are a bit off for me I suppose, as I tend think of Typhoon with the progressive Chamber/Baroque bands of the last 15 years (Anathallo, Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, The Decemberists, The Dear Hunter, The Family Crest).

The new record is more methodical and conceptual, but still includes many enjoyable tracks. “Remember” probably being my favorite. (the video just came out),

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I’ve been listening to it loads on the hive mind recommendation and I sort of like it BUT it’s so pretentious and self important, isn’t it. The spoken word intro, the press release, the dividing into four sections, and at least one song sounds like Keane/Coldplay/snow patrol. It does though. Doesn’t it.

I guess? Does it matter?

Like all music is inherently self-important so?

What press release?

On here innit

Just saying. And it’s got a really 90s rock bombastic production. Just saying. It’s piqued my interest enough to make me find out more about it, anyways. Thanks for the tip

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Fair enough, none of that particularly bothers me though :wink:

this alb is all over the place. let it ride a couple times through without checking out track names or where a song starts/ends and it all just kinda worked together while taking about 25 left turns. Not even sure how to classify this album, doesnt really feel ‘indie’ to me, but not totally not indie either? guess that manchster orchestra comp seems about right cos i think this fits in that box a bit, not quite as rockin tho. i jumped around their catalog and the earlier stuff sounded bad/different to me. think they did some production on this to make it sound a little more arcane, or something.

didnt hear this but also probably liked whatever the song in question was the most tbf.


maybe this is it, but not sure who exactly to pinpoint this generalization on?