typical morning routine audit 2022...

Office day:

7am unwillingly woken from slumber by alarm. snooze
7.05am alarm. snooze
7.10am alarm. snooze. snoozed alarm goes off again. snooze.
7.15am alarm. read Playbook. tired. realise I need to leave house in 5 mins to get earlier train (never ever make it). run around having a wash, throwing on clothes, doing make up, packing my bag.
7.35am hurtle out of flat and hurry down to station (15 mins). have 3 mins to get a ticket from machine. choose your own adventure: wait in queue for ticket machine outside station, or scamper into ticket hall to see if there’s a queue there. queue in ticket hall? if time, run to machine on other side of underpass to get ticket. likely no time though. wait in shorter queue and hex the person in front who is taking eons to print their prepaid ticket.
7.53am board crappy train with no table which stops at Chelsfield. busy. hate life. change shoes from trainers to heels and make at least one person move carriage because my trainers smell nuclear
8.40am get to Londy B, disembark, filter onto packed Jubilee northbound, hate life. spend 10 mins shifting balance of weight between feet to try not to fall over. probably step on someone’s toes.
9.05am emerge from tube station. buy a cold can of Monster from Superdrug. proceed to office.
9.10am in office, probably late for a meeting.

Mornings are well shit


Is this drugs

X:XX - Wake up from nightmare / neighbor / loud car
8:00 - Give my dog her medicine, make instant coffee
8:00 - 10:30 - Agonize over what to listen to while catching up on DiS and Something Awful
10:30 - Feed my dog
10:30 to Noon - Hopefully listening to something by now, more DiS and Something Awful

Wake up
say a little prayer for yoooooou
put on makeup

comb hair
wonder what dress to wear
say a little prayer for yooooou

run for bus
While riding, think of us
say a little prayer for yoooooou

At work, take time
coffee breaktime
say a little prayer for yoooou

better appreciate all the praying, that’s all i can say


6.45. wake up/shower/teeth
7. leave the house
7.45. arrive at work

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No, it’s breakfast without having to give half of it away to a child on the scrounge

6.30 alarm goes off. Do Wordle, Framed and Heardle.
6.40 get up and go for a poo while catching up on overnight e-mails, twitter and DiS.
6.50ish drink two mugs of water, get changed into running gear, do warm up exercises.
7.00ish head out for a run. This’ll be anything between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the type of run I’m doing.
7.45-8.00 get back, do stretches, use foam roller
8.00 Breakfast of 5 weetabix 1 banana and soy milk, a glass of kombucha, a glass of orange juice, vitamin tablet.
8.15 Go for another poo
8.20 Shower, dry myself, clean teeth
8.35 Turn computer on
8.35 Get dressed, make the bed
8.40 Log in to work system
8.45 Start work

Working in the office:
6.30 alarm goes off. Do Wordle, Framed and Heardle.
6.40 get up and go for a poo while catching up on overnight e-mails, twitter and DiS.
6.50 Breakfast of 5 weetabix 1 banana and soy milk, a glass of kombucha, a glass of orange juice, vitamin tablet.
7.10 Go for another poo
7.15 Shower, dry myself, clean teeth
7.30 Get dressed, make the bed
7.35 Make my packed lunch
7.45 Head out and get my bike from the garage, pump up tyres if necessary
7.50 Cycle to work
8.30 Arrive at the office and lock my bike up
8.35 Start work while cooling down
8.50 Freshen up and get changed (no showers at work)
9.00 Sit at desk and start work properly

Forwards or backwards?


No fucking wonder.



Always have a night shower unless I’m staying at someone else’s house then i feel lile they’ll judge me for it.

4.15 Fig starts screaming for food. Spend 45 minutes to an hour shushing him and shooing him away from the bed
5.15 give in and feed fig
5.45 - 6 wake up from snooze by demands for child breakfast
6 - 7.30 snooze whislt being woken every few minutes
7.45 get up, brush teeth, get dressed, run around in a panic getting m dressed
8 school drop off
8-9.15 walk to work (work starts at 8.30 :woman_shrugging:t2:)
9.15 if budget allows it get a chai for breakfast

6.12am: Mrs CCB’s alarm goes off. Doze or maybe do Wordle etc
6.31am: my alarm goes off. Get out of bed, make the bed, get dressed, go downstairs, empty the dishwasher, make a pot of tea. Maybe switch my laptop on and check emails
7.15am:breakfast, then sort the breakfast things out
7.30ish log on to work properly and start work
(Three days a week) 8.15am: take Cheekster 2 to school




I tend to drink my regular water out of a mug.


On a weekday/working day I tend to get up

  • Before 4am
  • 04:00 - 04:59
  • 05:00 - 05:59
  • 06:00 - 06:59
  • 07:00 - 07:59
  • 08:00 - 08:59
  • 09:00 - 09:59
  • 10:00+

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Get up whenever my daughter does, get dressed, give her breakfast, get the fire going if it’s cold, have some coffee, watch endless nursery rhymes on youtube, get her dressed and leave for school around 8.45. Get back then shower and have breakfast before deciding what to do for the day.

I guess a lot of this is having a family. But shocked how many people here get up earlier then 7am for a 9am start.

If im working from home I gwt up at 8.30am if working at the office 8am. I go to bed at midnight typically.

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